A world inured to starvation in Fallujah

The seesawing battle between Iraq's government forces, allied militias and Islamic state militants is wrecking havoc in Fallujah. City residents are likely to be massacred if they flee, and from governments air strikes there is nowhere to hide. The daily propagation of violence by all sides involved has made it

The forgotten plight of Iraq’s internally displaced people

In today’s Iraq the crisis of internal displacement is neither new nor unique, but one whose consequences continue to ripple beyond the borders of the region. Incoming reports suggest that the worst is yet to come as temperatures plummet, especially for Iraq's displaced communities; an entire population invisible to global

Why armed conflict is a threat to global health

In 1951, at the height of the Korean War, seven eminent doctors wrote to The Lancet medical journal in a call for disarmament. Their argument? Military spending was impacting upon healthcare provision in the UK, and doctors had a social responsibility to advocate against war. Some dismissed the letter out